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Capa para DBM - Discover Brazil
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Joao Casimiro músico bateria

This patron is for you who likes Brazilian music and would like to know more deeply about it. Did you know that there are several types of Samba? Have you ever heard "Tambor de Crioula", Cateretê, Catira, Jongo, Baião, Capoeira, Xote, Arrasta-pé, Frevo, Maxixi, Marcha, Maracatú, Coco, Funk carioca, Ijexá, Vassi, Aguere, among others?

All these are different Brazilian rhythms and in these project we will guide you through several albums and recordings (one per week) presenting both traditional and urban styles (hybrids like sambajazz, bossa nova, Hermeto Pascoal school).

We will send an album every weekend with description, tracklist, informations and comments about the music, group, and rhythms. There will be multiple links from different streaming platforms, such as spotify, deezer, youtube and itunes. We will also organise the albums into playlists according to style.

We have two price categories, 4 or 8 dollars per month (1 or 2 dollars per week).

Free trial: Every month we leave a post open, that way you can see how the platform works and the content availability. Each month we present songs with a theme, for example: August we listen to Brazilian indigeneous music.

About us:
The content presented here is organized by Brothers João Casimiro and José Calixto.
João Casimiro is a Professor of Music (teaching drums) at the Federal University of Goias. He has a degree in music from the Tatuí Conservatory (the largest popular music school in Brazil), and a master's degree in musical performance from Unicamp - State University of Campinas.
José Calixto graduated from the State University of São Paulo, where he also completed his master's degree in philosophy of music, and is finishing his doctorate in ethnomusicology.
Both started in music early, since their dad and grandfather are also musicians.

We have set ourselves 3 collection goals, that when achieved a % of the money will be donated to antiracist and indigenous peoples' struggle. Spread the word

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