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Joao Casimiro músico bateria
encarte-modelo-fechado (2)-01.jpg
Memórias do Brasil pela Sanfona - ​2018

In this album the accordionist Edu Guimarães proposes a trip through Brazil through the sounds and stories where the accordion was present. It has the participation of mandolinista Déo Rian. I recorded the drums on tracks 01, 04, 08 and 11.

vintena brasileira -  album rexistir
(R)existir - ​2018

(R)exist is the fourth album of Vintena Brasileira and André Marques, a group in which I am a drummer since 2017. The album features the participation of Monica Salmaso and Arismar do Espirito Santos. It was recorded in November 2017 in Sao Paulo.

  • YouTube Rebuscando Noneto de Casa
CAPA 01.jpg
Rebuscando - ​2017

Rebuscando is the third album of Noneto de Casa, a group in which I am a drummer and producer. This album is completely virtual and was first released in video format. It was recorded in different locations between 2015 and 2017, with guest appearances by Fabio Torres, Cassio Ferreira and Fabio Leal.

  • YouTube Rebuscando Noneto de Casa
OCC Visita Laercio de Freitas - ​2017

A member of the Choco Campineira Orchestra since 2015, João Casimiro plays drums on this album in honor of pianist and composer Laércio de Freitas, supported by PROAC-Editais. It was recorded at Mário's Studio in 2017.

Disco OCC EN
Primeiramente - ​2017

Pedhi Pano Quarteto, a group led by trumpeter Klesley Brandão (Pedhi Pano), presents this album exclusively with songs by the leader. João Casimiro plays drums alongside Gustavo de Medeiros (guitar), Ramon del Pino (bass). It was recorded at Studio do Mario in 2016.

  • YouTube Pedhi Pano Quarteto
Nucleo de Samba Cupinzeiro - Marejante - Capa por Crioula Design
Marejante - ​2016

Invited to join the Cupinzeiro Samba Center to carry out this project approved by PROAC-Editais, João acts as percussionist. "Marejante" proposes a path with references from Sertão to the Sea and is configured as a tribute to the northeastern music culture so present in the formation of the southeast music culture.

Noneto de Casa e Matina Marana -Correnteza de Ar
Correnteza de ar - ​2014

Noneto de Casa was invited to accompany singer Martina Marana on this album featuring songs by contemporary composers, and arrangements by Andre Marques, Diego Garbin and João P. Gonçalves. João acts as drummer and co-producer. It was recorded at Comep Studio between 30 June and 3 July 2014. Project funded by PROAC-ICMS.

  • YouTube Correnteza de Ar - Martina M
Noneto de Casa - ​2014

A member of the group since its formation, João acts as drummer, producer and in this album has a recorded arrangement of the composition "June 7 with my mother". The album also features the participation of Gabriel Grossi in harmonica (harmonica), and was recorded in December 2013 at Estudio Comep.

  • YouTube Noneto de Casa
tres pontos artwork.jpg
Três Pontos - ​2013

First album of his career alongside Dô de Carvalho (sax) and Sidney Filho (bass), featuring Fabio Leal (guitar) and André Marques (piano). João Casimiro is a drummer and executive producer. Recorded on May 4th and 5th, 2013, at Sollua Studio (Gargolândia), Alambarí-SP.​

  • YouTube Trio Tres Pontos
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