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Joao Casimiro músico bateria
"Menino",  that means "Boy" is a composition by Milton Nascimento and Ronaldo Bastos that tells the story of a young man murdered by the police during the military dictatorship in Brazil. In 2020 it is revolting to see so much brutality and racism in the world and that is why I recorded this sound, like a scream.
H2 is a composition by the great guitarist Guilherme Camargo, who invited me to make this recording at a distance during the quarantine on behalf of COVID-19. There is also Jackson Silva on bass and Bruno Pereira on trombone.
With the quarantine in 2020, challenges are becoming popular on the Internet. I accepted this one from dear bassist Jackson Silva and recorded several voices and things about the bass line of his music entitled "Em outros cantos" (In other songs/corners).
Trio Pau de Arara and Vinicius Dorin - Recorded on June 27, 2013 - UNICAMP Auditorium.  Trio: Ramón Del Pino (Bass), João Casimiro (Drums), Gustavo de Medeiros (Guitar).
Ramo de Delirios (Guinga/Aldir Blanc) I learned to play the guitar almost on my own, usually taking music I liked very much by ear. And in this case it was no different, the music is so beautiful that, although I'm not a guitarist, I hunted the notes until I got this simple result.
Inspired by the Old Town music of guitarist Daniel Santiago, I applied the same idea of groove in a 7/4 beat. This is the result of that study.
Scenes from a trip (Video series)

"Scenes of a Trip" is a set of videos recorded by me in an amateur way during business trips or tours. In the images there is no rule or continuity, they are random memories, landscapes, moments, people, colors, actions recorded in order to receive a soundtrack later. Filming and soundtrack by João Casimiro
Everething in It's right place | Radiohead cover no piano

The piano is my second instrument and here I'm playing this Radiohead song, inspired by the great pianist Brad Mehldau's versions.
With Blanco everything is colorful

Composition and recording of instruments and voices by João Casimiro. Drawings by Isadora Ferraz, animation by João Casimiro. Blanco is the name of the person honored by the composition and also a pun for white in Portuguese.
Materials is a composition of mine inspired by the music of saxophonist Will Vinson. Recorded in 2012 live at my Tatuí Conservatory graduation recital with Jazz Combo musicians.
Video studying the drummer Edu Ribeiro, who in this version of Girl from Ipanema from "Trio Corrente" performs this beautiful solo, which I decided to take by ear and record.
I was always instigated by my teachers to sing what I played on drums. When I heard this song played by American drummer Ari Hoenig and Armenian pianist Tigran Hamasyan (who does the beatbox) I couldn't do anything else but study it.
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