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Joao Casimiro músico bateria
Rio Negro is a composition of mine with lyrics by Danielle Domingos. Recorded in 2015 with the musicians João Casimiro (guitar, percussion, voice), Daniele Domingos (voice), and Edu Guimarães (accordion and percussion). Mixed by Diego Garbin.
Rio Negro - Joao Casimiro e Danielle Domingos
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"Patada" was a study group, guided by Fábio Leal. Recorded in December 2011 with the musicians João Casimiro (drums), Lucía Spivak (voice), Rodrigo Marques (bass), Thiago Braga (guitar), Alexandre Lazzari (guitar) and Vladimir Derevitsky (percussion).
Samba - Grupo Patada
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Baião - Grupo Patada
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Caminhada - Grupo Patada
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Trio Arrebol is forró! Here we are playing "This is too good" by Dominguinhos. The trio features João Casimiro (zabumba and voice), Edu Guimarães (accordion) and Gabriel Peregrino (triangle). Recorded in 2015.
Isso aqui ta bom demais - Trio Arrebol
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